Bristol might not be talked about as much as cities like Manchester and London but it’s an extremely vibrant and inclusive part of the UK that many people choose to move to at all stages of life. 

It’s home to some excellent culture and has many great shops, restaurants, museums and parks, making it a great place to live for families and young professionals. 

Before covering the best places to live in Bristol, let’s first have a look at the most important things to consider when deciding on where to move. 

Bristol Bridge

Bristol Bridge

Things to consider

  • Property prices – One of the most important factors to consider when moving somewhere new, is the cost of property. The average cost of a property in Bristol is £381,021, which is a 7% increase from 2019. This is certainly on the higher end compared to a lot of other areas in the UK but still much cheaper than the average property price in London. If you’re looking for a flat, then they are generally more affordable, with an average price of £269,593.
  • Culture – Culture is another thing to think about when you’re moving. Things like shops, restaurants, bars, museums and landmarks all help to give a city a unique feel. When it comes to culture, Bristol is definitely up there with some of the best cities in the UK, with many great music venues, pubs, art galleries and museums. 
  • Transportation – Transportation is another important consideration and thankfully,  there are plenty of travel options in Bristol. If you drive, then Bristol is very easy to get in and out of via the many A roads surrounding the city. There are also plenty of public car parks available too. For public transportation, there are many bus routes and trains, with the excellent Freedom Travel Pass being an option that enables you to use most of the buses and train services in the city. As you would expect, there are also many taxi services available in addition to cycle routes. 
  • Schools – If you have kids, then knowing the quality of schools available where you’re moving is extremely important. Bristol is home to some excellent schools that have received outstanding inspecting ratings. These include Redland Green School and St Mary Redcliffe and Temple School. 

Why choose Bristol?

It’s clear that Bristol has become a more desirable place to live in recent years but what is it about the city that makes it so appealing?

Below are some of the main things that make Bristol a great place to live –

  • Excellent food – If food is important to you, then you’ll be spoiled for choice in Bristol. There is a range of great restaurants, takeaways, bars and delis that cater to all tastes. 
  • Great culture  – Culture is a huge part of what makes Bristol such an appealing place to live. The Bristol Old Vic is the oldest theatre in the UK that’s still operating and puts on all kinds of productions all throughout the year. 
  • Good mix of city and country lifestyle – One of the things that makes Bristol quite unique is that it offers a great mix of city and country life. If you’re looking for great shops and a lively atmosphere, then Bristol city centre has everything you need. If you’re looking to get away from the hustle and bustle though, there are plenty of great walks and nature reserves to be found across the city. 

Best places to live

Now let’s take a look at some of the best areas to live in Bristol, bearing the criteria mentioned above in mind. 


Clifton is one of the most desirable places to live in Bristol and for good reason. In addition to Clifton Village, there are also many great cafes, pubs and restaurants as well as a number of independent shops. Although it’s not particularly close to the city centre, you’re still able to get there by public transport within 30 minutes. 

As you might expect, property prices in Clifton aren’t cheap, with the average house costing around £400,000, but if you can afford to move there, it’s one of the very best places to live in Bristol for both families and young professionals. 

Leigh Woods

Leigh Woods is another great place to live in Bristol thanks to its beautiful surroundings and range of excellent pubs, cafes and restaurants. 

Because it’s such a desirable location, Leigh Woods is very expensive to buy property in, with the average cost being £769,389, a 14% increase from 2019. 


Redland is an area in Bristol that has a lot going for it. Not only is it in a very convenient location (just 1.6 miles from the city centre) but it also has some of the best schools in the city. There are plenty of good bars and restaurants to be found as well as a number of walks and nature areas. 

The cost of property in Redland isn’t nearly as high as Leigh Woods, so it would make an excellent alternative choice.


Redcliffe would make an excellent choice if you’re moving to Bristol to work in the city centre; located just 1.5 miles away. Not only is it very easy to get into Bristol city centre from Redcliffe but it’s also convenient to get to other parts of the UK thanks to the nearby train station. 

Because of its great location, property is definitely in high demand in Redcliffe, whether you’re renting or buying. As you’d expect, this means property is on the more expensive side, so this is worth bearing in mind. 


Southville has been renovated quite extensively in recent years and is now considered one of the more desirable places to live in Bristol. In addition to some great independent shops, there are also many restaurants and bars, so even though it’s a far distance from the city centre, it has plenty going for it. 

The property prices in Southville are quite reasonable too, especially when you compare them to places like Leigh Woods. 


Located roughly a mile south of the city centre, Bedminster is a perfect location for young professionals. It has seen a lot of redevelopment in recent years, with the new Airport Apartment Building being a stand-out. As well as accommodating a number of one and two bedroom flats, it also has a rooftop park, running track and a garden. 

There are plenty of traditional homes in Bedminster too, so if you have a family, it would make a great choice. You’re also close to beautiful natural spaces, such as Victoria Park


Horfield is another great choice of place to live in Bristol. It’s home to a number of shops, restaurants and bars and is in close proximity to the city centre, making it ideal if you need to travel there for work. 

A big highlight of Horfield is Horfield Common, which has multiple walks, a pond, tennis courts, multiple playgrounds and a cafe. Horfield is a very popular area with students, with the university campus just two miles away, but it’s also ideal for families and young professionals too. 


Portishead is an ideal location for families, with most of its property being made up of houses. However, in recent years it’s been redeveloped and there are now a number of flats and apartment complexes available to rent and buy, so it would make a good choice for young professionals too. 

It’s about 10 miles from the city centre but can be easily accessed by bus, train or car. The recently redeveloped marina has a number of great shops and restaurants as well as a gym, swimming pool and badminton courts. Property prices are on the more expensive side as you might expect. 

Emersons Green

Although it’s quite far from the city centre, Emersons Green is a very affordable area to live and was developed during the 90s, so there are plenty of property types to choose from, whether you want to rent or buy. 

Emersons Green is a particularly good choice for families due to its low crime rates and fantastic schools. There are many major shops in Emersons Green too, so being far from the city isn’t that big of an issue. There are also some great parks and playgrounds as well as shops, restaurants and cafes.