One of the UK’s largest counties, Lincolnshire has plenty to offer people moving there. In addition to the beautiful landscapes and great food, there’s also great culture, a thriving economy and many festivals and events taking place throughout the year. 

Another thing that makes Lincolnshire an appealing place to live is the relatively low cost of property. There are plenty of houses and flats to rent and buy throughout the county and when compared to many other parts of the country, they’re very reasonably priced. 

In this article, we’re going to look at the best areas to live in Lincolnshire as well as some highlights it has to offer. 


The view of Lincoln Cathedral across Castle Square

As the largest city in the county, Lincoln is a perfect choice if you want to live in a bustling and vibrant atmosphere. In addition to the many great independent shops throughout the city, there are also beautiful historic buildings, such as 

Considering it’s the largest city in Lincolnshire, the property prices in Lincoln are quite reasonable. You can find plenty of houses and flats to rent and buy for affordable prices, so Lincoln is a great place to live for both families and young professionals. 


If you’re looking to live somewhere with plenty to see and do, Skegness would be ideal. It’s a seaside town with some beautiful beaches and has an abundance of activities to partake in, such as bowling, go-karting and crazy golf. Because it’s a popular tourist destination, it has a thriving economy too. There are many great places to eat and drink throughout Skegness, with a number of bars, restaurants and cafes throughout. 

Another advantage to Skegness is that the average property prices are significantly lower than those in Lincoln, with many affordable flats and houses available. 


Stamford is an incredibly beautiful city and was named one of the best places to live in the midlands by The Sunday Times in 2021. In addition to the great employment opportunities and a number of great schools, it also has excellent bars, restaurants and cafes. You can find many stunning listed buildings throughout Stamford as well as the excellent Arts Centre and Corn Exchange.  

The property prices in Stamford are considerably higher than a lot of other areas in Lincolnshire, so this is definitely worth considering if you’re planning to move there. It’s certainly one of the poshest areas in Lincolnshire!


A thriving market town, Horncastle is a very desirable place to live in Lincolnshire and has plenty to offer for residents, including beautiful surroundings and a number of good restaurants and bars. 

For an upmarket area, the property prices in Horncastle are very reasonable. There are many detached and semi-detached homes available to rent and buy as well as flats and apartment complexes. 

Woodhall Spa 

If you want to live in a calm and relaxing environment, Woodhall Spa would make an excellent choice. As well as the beautiful surroundings, Woodhall Spa also has two fantastic golf courses, a cinema and a number of heritage sites. 

The property prices in Woodhall Spa are definitely higher than many other parts of Lincolnshire as you might expect in such a sought after area. 


Navenby in Lincoln is another highly desirable area to live in Lincolnshire and has a great history in addition to cultural highlights such as Navenby Antiques Centre and Mrs Smiths’ Cottage Museum. 

The property prices in Navenby are on the more expensive side, particularly if you’re looking for a house rather than a flat, so this is something worth bearing in mind. 

Market Rasen

A heritage market town, Market Rasen would make another great choice of place to live in Lincolnshire. It has great shops and restaurants as well as cultural spots such as Hall Farm Park and Brightwater Gardens

The property prices in Market Rasen are higher than in some areas in the county but not as high as places like Navenby or Woodhall Spa. 

Why Lincolnshire?

Lincoln Cathedral

This picture answers the question nicely! A view of Lincoln cathedral

  • Great food – The UK may not necessarily be known for its great food but Lincolnshire is home to many fantastic restaurants. It’s also renowned for its sage sausages, which have a unique taste and are some of the best in the country.  
  • Beautiful surroundings – Being located on the east coast, there are plenty of beautiful beaches and natural areas throughout Lincolnshire that provide spectacular views. 
  • Low cost of living – Another great thing about living in Lincolnshire is the low cost of living. Not only is the property there affordable but things are generally much cheaper than other areas of the country. This makes it a great place to live for families and young professionals alike. 
  • Wildlife – If you’re an animal lover, then Lincolnshire is a perfect choice of place to live. As well as being home to plenty of wildlife, it also has Donna Nook National Nature Reserve, one of the county’s biggest tourist attractions that brings in people from all across the UK. 
  • Good economy – Lincolnshire has a thriving economy, with many well-established industries there, with agriculture and transport being two of the largest. In addition to the larger industries, there are also many independent shops to be found throughout the county. 
  • Relaxing pace of life – If you’re moving from a large city such as London, you’ll likely welcome the more relaxing pace of life to be found in Lincolnshire. There are plenty of rural areas in the county that are home to beautiful natural areas – perfect if you’re looking to escape from the more hectic pace of city life. 

What are the downsides?

  • Not as well connected as other counties – If you need to commute or plan to travel to other parts of the UK regularly, then Lincolnshire might not be the best choice of place to live. This is because it’s one of the few counties in the UK that doesn’t have a motorway. 
  • Some areas don’t have broadband – Another potential downside to living in Lincolnshire is that the more remote areas in the outskirts of the county can suffer from low broadband speeds as well as intermittent signals for mobile phones. If your work relies on having internet access, this could be a deal breaker. 

Culture in Lincolnshire 

Lincolnshire has so much to offer in terms of culture. As well as its cathedral, there are many listed buildings throughout the county as well as parks, museums and the Fantasy Island theme park. 

  • Lincolnshire Cathedral – Lincolnshire Cathedral is a stunning structure and one of the cultural highlights of the county for sure. Visiting will give you the opportunity to learn about the fascinating history of the cathedral and surrounding area. 
  • Lincoln Castle – Built in the 11th century by William the Conqueror, Lincoln Castle is one of the most impressive structures in the entire county. As well as a medieval wall walk, you can also explore the Victorian prison on the grounds and if you visit at Christmas, you can experience the castle while it’s illuminated. 
  • Natureland Seal Sanctuary – Natureland Seal Sanctuary rescue and rehabilitates injured seal pups and gives you the chance to see these beautiful animals up close. There are plenty of other animals than seal pups to see there though, with penguins, meerkats and alpacas to be found. There’s also an aquarium and a tropical butterfly exhibit. 
  • Museum of Lincolnshire Life – If you want to learn more about the history and culture of Lincolnshire, then the Museum of Lincolnshire Life is where you should head. It covers the history of everyday life in the county from 1750 onwards and has a huge collection of historical objects, including a tank from the first world war. It’s a great place to visit with the family too, thanks to having a trail specifically for children as well as the Historic Hunters playground. 
  • Lincolnshire Wildlife Park – A great alternative to Natureland Seal Sanctuary, Lincolnshire Wildlife Park has a huge number of animals to see, including turtles, lemurs, meerkats, reptiles and pumas.  It’s also home to the largest collection of Bengal tigers in the country and has a fantastic parrot rescue centre. 
  • Fantasy Island – Although it’s not as well known as theme parks like Alton Towers or Thorpe Park, Fantasy Island is a fantastic day out and perfect if you have young kids. In addition to the great rides, there are also a lot of places to eat and drink as well as multiple events throughout the year.
  • National Trust – Belton HouseBelton House is one of Lincolnshire’s cultural highlights and would make a great day out. In addition to the main house, there are also gardens, parkland, eating areas as well as a gift shop. There’s also an outdoor adventure playground with miniature train rides, making it a perfect place to visit if you have kids. 

Overall, Lincolnshire would make a great place to live, whether you’re moving with a family or on your own. Its mix of larger cities and smaller towns and villages means you have a choice depending on the type of lifestyle you’re looking for and it’s sure to be a decision you won’t regret.

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