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Yorkshire is one of the largest counties in the UK and is home to major cities including York, Sheffield, Leeds and Doncaster. With a mixture of modern amenities and historic culture, Yorkshire is a very appealing place to live and attracts people from all over the UK. 

The property prices in Yorkshire are quite reasonable too, with many different types of houses and flats available both in the cities and more rural parts of the county. 

In this article, we’ll be looking at some of the best places to live in Yorkshire as well as covering its pros and cons and things to do there. 

Let’s start by looking at the pros and cons of living in Yorkshire. 

The pros and cons of Yorkshire 


  • Mix of cities and countryside – One of the best things about living in Yorkshire is that you can get the best of both worlds in terms of country and city living. Even if you choose to live in a city like Leeds or Doncaster, you can still escape to the countryside when you feel like it. 
  • Great place for sports – There are several top football teams in Yorkshire, such as Leeds United. The big sport in the area though is Rugby. Yorkshire has seven teams in the rugby league and the league itself was actually created in Yorkshire. 
  • Beautiful views – Another thing that Yorkshire has going for it is its beautiful views. Although there are a lot of big cities in the county, there are also many natural areas and historical buildings. Some of the highlights include York Minster and Stockeld Park. 
  • Good schools – If you’re planning to move to Yorkshire and you have kids, then you’ll be glad to know that there are many excellent schools in the county. The affordable property in Yorkshire makes it very practical to live in areas where the best schools are too. 
  • Reasonable property prices – The average price of property in Yorkshire is very reasonable, especially when you compare it to some of the more expensive places in the UK, such as Surrey and London. Whether you’re looking for a house or flat, you should have no problem finding somewhere that fits your budget. 


  • Slower pace of life – If you’re used to living in a fast-paced city like London, then it can be quite an adjustment to living in Yorkshire, particularly if you choose to live in one of the more rural areas. 
  • Weather – The UK in general isn’t known for its sunny weather but Yorkshire is certainly colder during the winter than a lot of other places in the UK. That being said, it’s still tolerable and certainly not as cold as it gets in Scotland, for example. 


One of the most vibrant cities in Yorkshire, Sheffield would make an excellent choice if you want to live somewhere where there’s always something going on. As well as beautiful countryside areas, there’s also plenty of culture in the city, such as the Crucible Theatre and the Millennium Galleries. 

Property prices are quite reasonable in Sheffield, with terraced houses and flats being the cheapest option. You will pay considerably more for a detached house in the area, so this is worth bearing in mind. 


Beverely is another great choice of places to live in Yorkshire. Although it has a slower pace of life compared to some other parts of Yorkshire, there’s still plenty to see and do there, such as the cinema, Beverley Westwood and East Riding Treasure House. It’s also near the coast, making it very convenient to get to the beach during the summer. 

Property prices in Beverley are quite high compared to a lot of other areas in Yorkshire although they haven’t risen much in recent years. 


Leeds Market

Leeds Market

Leeds is one of the most well-known cities in Yorkshire and is home to one of the country’s biggest football teams. Being home to an excellent university, it’s a great place for students as well as young professionals. 

The cost of property in Leeds is fairly high compared to other areas in Yorkshire but it’s still possible to find somewhere affordable. 


York Minster

York Minster

York is one of the poshest places to live in Yorkshire and attracts people from all over the country. It is a historic town that combines traditional houses with plenty of new-builds and apartment complexes. It has many excellent schools as well as great nightlife, so it’d be a good choice for families as well as young professionals. 

The property prices in York are quite high for both flats and houses, so it won’t be in everybody’s price range but if you can afford it, it’s a great place to live. 


Harrogate is a very beautiful and upmarket part of Yorkshire with many different styles of housing as well as historic listed buildings and parks. Being nearby Leeds and York, it’s a convenient place to live if you need to commute to either city. 

Because it’s an upmarket area, the property prices in Harrogate are quite steep, whether you’re looking for a house or flat. Rental costs are generally affordable depending on what part of town you want to live in. 

Things to do in Yorkshire 

  • National Railway Museum – The National Railway Museum is free to enter and has a huge collection of trains and exhibits to explore. It’s a perfect place to come with kids and you can easily spend a whole afternoon there. 
  • York Minster – York Minster is one of the most spectacular cathedrals in the UK and is one of the largest in Europe. It attracts tourists from across the world every year and it’s well worth spending a day there to learn all about its fascinating history. 
  • Stockeld Park – Stockeld Park combines a Grade 1 listed country house with expansive gardens to explore. There are events held throughout the year, with the Christmas event being a highlight. There’s also an indoor play area and skating rink, so it’s a perfect place to go with kids. 
  • Yorkshire Wildlife Park – Yorkshire Wildlife Park is a conservation and rehabilitation centre that attracts visitors from all over the UK. It has a huge collection of animals as well as special events and play areas for kids. 
  • York Maze – York Maze would make a perfect family day out and has a number of attractions, including its mazes, shows and foam party. There are also great places to eat and drink there. 
  • Leeds Industrial Museum – Leeds Industrial Museum contains a huge collection of items related to the city’s industrial past, including textile machines and railway equipment. It’s a fascinating way to learn about the history of Leeds and is certainly a highlight of Yorkshire’s culture. The low admission fee and abundance of things to see and do there make this a great day out, whether you go on your own or with the family. 
  • Shibden Park – Shibden Park is free to visit and an ideal place to visit to get away from things and unwind. As well as the park itself, there’s also a beautiful lake and stone walling exhibit. 
  • Hull and East Riding Museum – If you want to explore Yorkshire’s history, then the Hull and East Riding Museum is a perfect place to do it. It has many pieces and exhibits that are fascinating to discover and it would make a great place to visit either on your own or with your family. 
  • Millenium Gallery – The Millenium Gallery in Sheffield is another standout culture spot in Yorkshire. It’s free to visit and has a huge collection of classic artworks and unique metalworks. 
  • St Ives Estate – St Ives Estate is a huge country park and would make a perfect day out if you’re looking to unwind in beautiful natural surroundings. There’s also an adventure playground and it’s free to visit, so it’s ideal if you have young kids. 
  • Sheffield Winter Gardens – Sheffield Winter Gardens is a must-visit and home to the biggest urban glasshouse in Europe. There are a huge number of plants there to see and it’s completely free to visit. 
  • National Science and Media Museum – The National Science and Media Museum in Bradford is a perfect place to visit with kids. Not only is it free entry but there’s a huge amount to see and do. There’s also a mirror maze and games lounge. 
  • The Graves Gallery – The Graves Gallery is home to a huge collection of artworks and is a perfect way to spend an afternoon.
  • Spurn Point – If you’re looking for a natural walking trail that’s completely unique, then Spurn Point fits the bill perfectly. A sand spit that extends from the coast of east Yorkshire, it provides you with three and a half miles of walking distance to get to its furthest point. You can appreciate the beautiful surroundings along the way as well as the wildlife that lives in the area.

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