Man and a Van in Lancaster

Lancaster is a history city that is located in the county of Lancashire in the northwest of England.

The average house price in Lancaster is £200,000 and the average rent price is around £600. Both of these figures are lower than the average for England, so make it a popular choice for those looking to relocate on a more modest budget.

Some of the most popular places to live in Lancaster include the City Centre, Primrose, Freehold, Bowerham, Moorlands, and Fairfield.

One of the most popular places to visit is Lancaster Castle. Dating back to the 11th century, this stunning castle offers a special look at the what life was like in Lancaster all those years ago. Visitors can tour the different exhibitions within the castle. As well as this, you can also visit the Lancaster Castle Prison which was used for 800 years, but is now open for guided tours.

If you enjoy history, the Lancaster City Museum is also worth a visit. It is located in the centre of Lancaster, making it easy to get to, and hosts many different exhibitions. These focus on the city itself, and some exhibitions go back as far as the Romans and Iron Age and include artifacts from those periods. For those who want to bring children along, there are many interactive exhibits to keep them engaged, and also some hands-on activities to spark their curiosity.

On the edge of Lancaster is Williamson Park, which is a popular destination for families to enjoy. This is because as well as the gorgeous outdoor spaces, the park also has a butterfly house, a miniature railway, a playground and a café. Within the grounds of the park is the Ashton Memorial where you can go inside to get stunning panoramic views of the city.

Another popular outdoor location is Morecambe Bay. Located only a short distance from Lancaster, Morecambe Bay is a great place to visit if you enjoy quiet walks along the beach. There is also the option to go on a boat trip here, as well as visit the shops and restaurants nearby.

The Lancaster Canal offers boat trips too if you are looking for an alternative. Lancaster Canal is a peaceful waterway that goes through the city itself, making it a great way to explore the place. A boat trip will also let you see the surrounding countryside on offer, and help you fall in love with Lancaster even more.

As well as this, Lancaster also hosts a very vibrant and colourful market that takes place in the city centre on a Wednesday and Saturday. There are also many stalls to explore that sell a range of items, from fresh produce to even jewellery and clothing.

Another vibrant aspect of the city of the art scene. This is known as Lancaster Arts and hosts a range of exhibitions and events throughout the year in the city. These take place in different venues across the city such as the Nuffield Theatre and the Peter Scott Gallery.