Man and Van in Oxford

There are many great reasons to consider relocating to Oxford. The city is one of the most prestigious and best-known in the UK and is even the home of the world’s oldest university. The number of students living in Oxford makes the city one of the liveliest and most diverse in the country. The city is also known for its literature and has associations with some of history’s most famous writers including C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien.

Working in Oxford

One of the reasons so many people express an interest in living in Oxford is that it offers a wealth of exciting job opportunities. Famous businesses from various industries have set up home here. Many people have relocated to Oxford to work in sectors including IT. The city is famed for its tourist trade, which means there are plenty of opportunities to make money working in bars, cafes, restaurants and shops. Many people have built exciting careers in publishing after moving to Oxford. It’s very common for students to remain in the city once they have graduated in the city.

Leisure and sport in Oxford

Oxford is home to a series of museums, art galleries, parks and gardens. This means there are many fantastic things for people of all ages, from all walks of life to do. The city also has a thriving sports scene, with popular activities including football, cricket, rugby and rowing.

Accommodation and transport in Oxford

As Oxford is such a desirable place to live, house prices can seem a little on the high side. Nonetheless, many people have been able to create highly fulfilling lives for themselves even on limited budgets in Oxford. You can save money by cycling around the city, and there are many things to do that won’t cost you anything. If you avoid renting or buying too close to the city centre, you may be able to bring costs down. Another key benefit of living in Oxford is that it’s just an hour away from London by train. You may be able to cut the cost of travelling to and from London by booking in advance.

The City of Dreaming Spires

Oxford is known as the City of Dreaming Spires and is home to various picturesque locations including the Botanical Gardens. Although Oxford is a great place to spend time all year round, many people say it is particularly impressive during the summer when the punting season gets underway and more people start to enjoy canalside walks.

Oxford may be one of the best-known cities in the UK, but it is surprisingly compact, with a city centre that’s smaller than many people expect. If you want to get around Oxford on public transport, you can purchase a smartcard which you can top up before you travel.

If you’re interested in living in one of the UK’s most picturesque and historic cities that’s just a short train ride away from London and offers a wealth of educational and employment opportunities, Oxford could be for you.