If you need the services of a man with a van, whether it’s because you’re moving home or need help clearing out a property, you’ll want to go about it in the right way so you can hire the best person for the best price. Man with van prices can vary quite a bit depending on some key factors.

In this article, we’ll be looking in detail at the main factors that affect how much you’ll pay for a man with a van, as well as ways to save money and FAQs.

Factors that affect man and a van prices

When it comes to man with a van costs, there isn’t a set price since it will depend on a number of factors. Below are the main ones.

  • Size of the van – The size of the van needed is a big factor that impacts cost. The larger the van is, the more it costs to run, so for larger removals, you’re going to pay more than if it was just for a small 1 bedroom house or flat. Some companies will give you the choice of what type of van you want when booking.
  • Distance travelled – The distance that needs to be covered is another big factor. A lot of moves are local and within the same city but for longer distance moves, the cost is going to be considerably higher. This makes sense when you consider the additional fuel costs and extra man hours required.
  • How complex the move is – Another thing to take into account is how complex the job is. The complexity of the job doesn’t just refer to the number of items that need to be moved, although this is a big factor. It also means how accessible your property is, how large the furniture that needs to be removed is, whether or not you have any specialty items that need to be moved etc.
  • How long the job will take – Of course a big thing that affects cost is how long the job will take overall. This is mostly determined by how large your property is/how many items there are to be moved, the distance that needs to be covered and any other unforeseen complications, such as difficulty getting access to the property.
  • Additional services – If you require help with packing, then this is considered an additional service and will come at an extra cost. The same applies to things like reassembling, packing materials and cleaning services.

The part of the country you live in can affect what you pay for a man with a van too. Generally, on the lower end, you will pay around £30 per hour if it’s just one person. This can go as high as £90-100, with the average being around £60. This figure does go up if more than one person is needed.

Saving money when hiring a man with a van

A man and van price will usually be affordable in most cases but it’s still a good idea to take any steps you can to keep costs down. Below are some of the best ways to do this.

  • Compare quotes – Comparing quotes from different companies is one of the first things you should do when you want to save money. The prices can vary a lot for man with a van services, so it’s always a good idea to get quotes from at least a few different companies.
  • Declutter the property – Decluttering your property is always a good idea before moving. Not only will it give you a chance to get rid of anything you don’t want to take to your new home but it will also help to cut down the moving costs.
  • Pack yourself – When you hire a man with a van, a lot of them will offer to pack your items for you as an extra service. While this can be tempting, it does add to the cost quite a bit, particularly if you have a lot of things to pack. By doing it yourself, you can make sure everything is properly organised and labelled as well as save a good bit of money.
  • Book early – Booking well in advance is another thing you can do to save money when hiring a man with a van. Some companies will have same-day services but they often come at an additional cost, so it’s better to book somebody as soon as you know when your moving day will be.
  • Book during off-peak times – Most people choose to move during the spring and summer months due to the nicer weather and longer daylight hours. If you can arrange your move outside these months, however, you can save quite a bit of money.

Man with a van FAQs

Below are some of the most common questions people have about man with a van services.

What’s the difference between a man with a van and a removal company?

A lot of the time people use ‘man with a van’ and ‘removal company’ synonymously and while they both essentially do the same thing, there are differences between them. The main ones being –

  • The size of jobs they take on – A man with a van will be able to tackle smaller removal and clearance jobs as well as courier work. A removal company will be able to do all types of removals and clearances, even those for very large properties.
  • The number of employees – A lot of man with a van workers will work solo although some may have 1-2 employees to help on larger jobs. Removal companies can often have 10 or more employees, making them suited to larger projects.
  • The number of vans – As the name implies, a man with a van will usually just have a single van that they use for doing all their work. A removal company will often have a fleet of vans that are used for different types of jobs depending on their size and complexity.

What additional services does a man with a van provide?

This will vary from one person to the next. Some will offer a lot of additional services, such as packing, packing materials, cleaning, etc. whereas others will only offer basic removal services.

Two of the other main types of services that a man with a van will usually provide are:

  • Clearances – If you have a property that needs to be cleared, whether it’s a domestic property or an office, then a man with a van will usually be able to help. Whether or not you should hire a man with a van or a removal company will depend on the size of the property and how much has to be removed from it.
  • Courier work – Although a lot of man with a van workers will primarily do removals and clearances, some will also take on courier work. This could be anything from small local jobs to contract work covering larger distances.


Moving home can be a very stressful time, with so much to think about; not to mention the expense. Hiring a man with a van to help you with your move can help to lessen the stress and make things go that much smoother. Hopefully, you’re now aware of how a man with a van service works, so you can hire one with full peace of mind.