Getting Removal Quotes Online

If you need to hire a removal company, then it makes sense to get the cheapest quote you can. The good news is that getting removal quotes online is easier than ever, with many removal companies allowing you to obtain a quote either from their website or through a quote comparison site.

Before you start looking for a removal quote online, it’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with the different things that affect the cost of quotes you receive as well as some great ways to save money when hiring a removal company and moving home in general.

Let’s start by looking at the biggest factors that affect how much you pay for a removal company.

What are the biggest things that affect the cost of removal quotes online?

  • The volume of items to be moved – This is one of the biggest things that affect cost when getting removal quotes online. The volume of items that need to be moved will determine the number of movers needed and the size of van required, so the larger the number of items, the more you can expect to pay.
  • How accessible your property – Another big thing that will affect the cost is how accessible your property is. Ideally, the movers would be able to park on your drive and get as close to the door of your property as possible. This isn’t always the case though and sometimes it’s not possible to even park on the same street. This will be reflected in the cost of your quote.
  • How much notice you provide – How much notice you give will affect cost too. Generally the earlier you can book, the better. This not only gives you more time to pack and prepare but will mean you’ll pay less for the removal company compared to booking at the last minute.
  • When your booking is scheduled – There are certain times when removal companies cost more to hire than others. Most people tend to move during the months from April to September. This makes sense since the weather is generally better, with a lot more hours of sunlight. However, you can save money by arranging your move to be outside these peak months.
  • The distance between properties – The distance between your current property and your new one will have a big impact on cost too. Local moves cost considerably less than those to new cities.
  • Extra services – Extra services can also bump up the price quite a bit. A lot of removal companies offer packing your items as an additional service. You can also choose to have your items stored by the company for a period of time. If you have very large and heavy items, such as a piano to move, this might incur an additional charge too.

How do I find removal companies near me?

One of the easiest and quickest ways to find removal companies in your local area is by doing a Google search for ‘Compare quotes removals’ or something along those lines. You should have plenty of local removal companies to choose from, whatever type of move you have planned.

An alternative way is to seek recommendations from friends, family or colleagues. This is an excellent way to find removal companies too but you won’t have the same level of choice.

What are the best ways to save money when hiring a removal company?

The best way to save money when you need to hire a removal company is by comparing quotes. Getting quotes from the various removal companies in your area will allow you to easily compare them and make an informed decision.

Some other good ways to save money are –

– Declutter your property

By decluttering your property, you can cut down on the amount you’ll need to pack a lot. The volume of items you have to move is one of the biggest factors that removal companies take into account, so this is a highly recommended way to save money.

Any items you have that are worth selling can easily be sold on eBay. If you’d rather get rid of them though, you can always donate them to a local charity shop.

– Get packing materials as cheap as you can 

The cost of packing materials can soon add up, especially when you have a larger house with many items to pack. This being the case, it makes sense to get materials for as cheap as possible.

There are many packing supply companies that will offer you discounts for buying in bulk. You can also find offers where you get free delivery. Rather than buying packing supplies separately, you can also get them directly from the removal company you hire in a lot of cases.

Something that a lot of people are doing now is using a box rental service. This is where you rent plastic packing boxes and then return them to the company after use. This saves having to buy them and is also better for the environment.

– Book early

Removal companies tend to cost more when you book very close to your moving date. The best way to ensure you don’t pay more than you have to is by contacting them as soon as you know what date you’ll be moving.

What are other ways to save money when moving?

When it comes to saving money when moving home, it’s not just lowering the cost you pay for a removal company where you can save. Below are some other excellent ways to save money.

Sell items you don’t need

One of the most obvious ways to make some extra cash when moving is by selling things you don’t want to take with you to your new place. Most people have a huge amount of possessions that have accumulated over the years that never really get used but would be of value to someone else.

By selling these items, you can make some money for them while also reducing the amount you’ll have to pack and therefore lowering the price you pay for a removal company too.

Make sure you cancel your council tax early

Something that people often neglect to do when moving home is give enough notice to their local council. A council tax cancellation can take quite a while to be fully processed so it’s always a good idea to give a month’s notice.

Although you can claim a council tax refund if there’s any overlap, it’s much easier to give plenty of notice and make sure it gets cancelled before your move.

Look for cheaper energy suppliers

Energy bills are a big monthly outgoing for most people, so it makes sense to try and get them as cheap as you can when you’re moving to a new home.

Inform companies of your address change

It’s important to let any companies you have regular payments going out to, of your address change. This will help to avoid any complications with missed payments or other issues further down the road.

Negotiate on the property price 

A big way you can save money is by negotiating on the price when you’re initially looking for a new property. Most of the time, there’ll be some room to negotiate, particularly if you’re able to pay upfront.

Keep an eye on expenses after you move

It’s easy to put all the emphasis on saving money before you move but it’s also a good idea to make efforts to cut costs down once you’ve moved into your new property too. Some good ways to do this include –

  • Cutting down monthly expenses – Most people have quite a few monthly payments coming out of their account, whether it’s for council tax, gym membership, energy bills or website subscriptions. Some of these are unavailable, such as council tax, but they’ll almost certainly be services that you can do without for the near future that can help you cut down your outgoings considerably.
    • Buying used furniture instead of new – It’s likely that when you move, they’ll be certain new pieces of furniture you’ll need to get, whether it’s a new dining table, sofa or bed. Although it can be tempting to buy these things brand new, you can save a lot of money by getting them used. There are many excellent places to buy used furniture now, whether it’s online or in person, so you shouldn’t have any problem finding pieces that are right for your new home.
  • Cutting down food bills – Cutting down food bills is another way you can save money after you’ve moved into your new home. There might be certain expensive brands you prefer but by switching to cheaper alternatives, if only temporarily, will help you to reduce your outgoings and make settling into your new place more financially comfortable.


Moving house can certainly be a stressful experience but hopefully, you’re now much better informed about how to get removal quotes online, the main factors that affect the cost and how to save money when hiring a removal company and after you’ve moved home.